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I provide men and women with the tools to meet and excel in their own personal fitness and health goals, whatever they might be. Through my online coaching and nutrition services, I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life for fifteen years. I’m a seasoned competitor and coach with the resources to help you smash your goals out of the park.

I arm clients with information, identify bad eating habits and help you to really focus on quality training vs any of the fads that claim overnight success. Your drive to bring about change to your life and my years of practical know-how will be the catalyst to help you meet your goals and keep your gains. I typically aim to work with clients on a longer basis, so please enquire about my current availability.

Marty McConnell - personal trainer, online coaching, online nutrition and competition prep specialist.

Before I started coaching, I was in the military, serving as a Royal Guardsman at the Palace. Now, I'm based in Kentford, Suffolk, where I live with my wife Charlotte, my son Jake and our dog, Lilly. Over the years, I have established a returning client base and have worked with over 800 clients to help them achieve their personal fitness goals and compete in physique competitions up and down the country. My website showcases my clients, which are the fruits born of my coaching, nutrition plans and being there to provide a gentle nudge of motivation when needed. My clients drastically vary in ability, and I tailor plans for the individual; there is no wonder-cure for everybody - this way, I help clients stay in shape for the long run. I want to share my success in showcasing clients who have worked hard with the tools and guidance I've given them - one thing I like to remind all clients of is that consistency is key when approaching fitness and lifestyle goals; we're in this for a marathon and not a sprint!

In my journey to becoming a coach, my primary driving factor has been to strive for quality knowledge that brings about long-term changes and seek out those with the practical experience and know-how in my industry to be humbled and to ultimately adopt these teachings into my coaching. In doing so, I better understand the body's response to changes, when to make pushes, and when to provide more sustenance during certain phases.

I like to think of myself as a walking advertisement for my coaching services - if I look the part and can provide guidance and knowledge to help my clients train smarter if time is an issue. Further to that, I train consistently and have cemented long-term habits that aid my transformation each year. My transformation is something I view as similar to that of my clients; changing the way you look is more than scale weight each week. It's about the entire process, which aims to give you somebody (me) to help keep you accountable, monitor your progress each week, and ask any questions should you have any! My primary drive is to show you that the changes you'll experience are far more than losing scale weight!

Why Choose Marty?

I approach each client as an individual and aim to educate, inspire and instill long-lasting habits to bring about the changes you desire. Whether you are new to the gym, looking to get back in shape or preparing for a bodybuilding competition I have the resources and drive to help you smash those goals out of the park!

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With 15 years of coaching experience in the fitness/nutrition field, I give clients the power they crave to make changes and keep them. My website is meant to be a brief showcase of the work I do and the different types of clients I have under my belt. I am always looking for clients interested in making long-term lifestyle and fitness changes - if this sounds like you and you're willing to put in the work, why not get in touch today?

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