From helping you get comfortable using equipment safely to providing workarounds if you have difficulty using a certain piece of equipment, my fifteen years of experience have helped people of all ages get started and keep at it.


If you've joined the gym and are enthusiastic for each time you go but would like a bit more structure to your workouts or are curious about planning meals around pre and post-workout, I offer advice to help everybody.

Gym Buff

Have you been hitting the gym for a while but feel like your progress has stagnated? I enjoy helping people improve their form and quality of repetitions and to get them doing the exercises right from the minute you start training.

Competition Prep

I help men and women of all ages prepare for competitions up and down the country. Having been there myself several times, I know all the tricks to ensure you head into any competition happy and ready to go!

Custom Goals

Are you seeking the expertise and dedication to helping you reach the next level of your training and nutrition? If you've got the graft, I've got the know-how and fifteen years of helping clients achieve success!

Marty Mcconnell Coaching

I work with clients enabling them to hit personal goals and reach for milestones they previously thought unreachable. I take immense pride in this job as it gives me the ability to truly help people transform themselves for the better.

Interested in creating sustainable lifestyle, fitness and dietary changes with an online coaching plan?

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Marty McConnell is a personal trainer offering online training plans, nutrition plans and more.

Online Coaching, Competition Prep & Nutrition For All Walks Of Life

Online fitness, nutrition and physique coaching allow for greater accountability, flexibility and convenience to those working a 9-5 routine. Being able to be in contact with my clients around the clock (within reason, of course) means that you have access to me if you're struggling with certain parts of your plan or want to push a bit harder.

Online Coaching

One-on-one online coaching with weekly check-ins, progress updates and video calls to offer encouragement or help you solve areas you might be struggling.

Competition Prep

Being a competitor myself, I know the pitfalls of prep before competitions, and I've helped clients compete, win and overcome all the hurdles associated with doing so - a bit of hard graft and being smart about calories will help you achieve your goals.

Fitness & Nutrition

My nutrition and dieting services look at changing your body shape, focusing on making these changes last for years to come. Nutrition and dieting are tailored for the individual - together, let's work to figure out what works best for you!

Form & Finess

For newcomers and regulars I like to start with the basics and form a solid foundation from which you will grow from; this starts with the basics of using equipment safely and with wicked form.

Pushing PBs & More

A second pair of eyes can sometimes be the one thing you need to make the progress you are striving for - and with fifteen years of coaching and competition prep under my belt, let me help you realise your full potential.

Physique Building

I help clients build and sculpt the physique of their dreams; whether for personal satisfaction or competition, I can help you take smart steps to ensure you keep the physique you love.

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